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Feature Flags

New features are added to Ember.js within conditional statements.

Code behind these flags can be conditionally enabled (or completely removed) based on your project's configuration. This allows newly developed features to be selectively released when the Ember.js community considers them ready for production use.

Feature Life-Cycle

A newly-flagged feature is only available in canary builds and can be enabled at runtime through your project's configuration file.

At the start of a beta cycle the Ember core team evaluates each new feature. Features deemed stable are made available in the next beta and enabled by default.

Beta features that receive negative feedback from the community are disabled in the next beta point release, and are not included in the next stable release. They may still be included in the next beta cycle if the issues/concerns are resolved.

Once the beta cycle has completed, the next stable release will include any features that were enabled during the beta cycle. At this point the feature flags will be removed from the canary and future beta branches, and the feature becomes part of the framework.

Flagging Details

The flag status in the generated build is controlled by the @ember/canary-features package. This package exports a list of all available features and their current status.

A feature can have one of a three flags:

  • true - The feature is present and enabled: the code behind the flag is always enabled in the generated build.
  • null - The feature is present but disabled in the build output. It must be enabled at runtime.
  • false - The feature is entirely disabled: the code behind the flag is not present in the generated build.

The process of removing the feature flags from the resulting build output is handled by defeatureify.

Feature Listing (FEATURES.md)

Feature Listing (

When a developer adds a new feature to the canary channel (i.e. the master branch on GitHub), they also add an entry to FEATURES.md explaining what the feature does, and linking to their originating pull request. This list is kept current, and reflects what is available in each channel (release, beta, and canary).

Enabling At Runtime

When using the Ember.js canary or beta builds you can enable a "present but disabled" feature by setting its flag value to true before your application boots:

let ENV = {
  EmberENV: {
      'link-to': true

For the truly ambitious developer, setting ENV.EmberENV.ENABLE_OPTIONAL_FEATURES to true will enable all experimental features.