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Optional Features

One of the ways that Ember releases guarantee stability is by following Semantic Versioning (SemVer). For the Ember project this means that any feature that is to be removed must first be deprecated, and only removed when a major version is released. It also means that new features are introduced in a backwards compatible way.

To give the project a path forward when a breaking change is mandatory, we've released the @ember/optional-features addon.

This addon does nothing by default, but provides a command-line interface to enable and disable breaking changes in Ember.


To get started with optional features, you must install the addon:

ember install @ember/optional-features

This will make three new commands available to Ember CLI within your project, feature:list, feature:enable, and feature:disable.

Listing features

The optional features available to your project will depend on the Ember version your project is using.

To see which optional features are available, you can run the following command:

$ ember feature:list

  To list all available features, run ember feature:list.
  To enable a feature, run ember feature:enable some-feature.
  To disable a feature, run ember feature:disable some-feature.

Available features:

  some-example-feature (Default: true)
    A description of the feature goes here
    More information: <link to an RFC>


Once you see a feature that you would like to toggle for your project you can run one of two commands, ember feature:enable <feature> and ember feature:disable <feature>.

Let us disable an optional feature to see what happens. Substitute some-example-feature for a real feature name when you run this command.

$ ember feature:disable some-example-feature
Disabled some-example-feature. Be sure to commit config/optional-features.json to source control!

As we can see from the warning, @ember/optional-features has created a file in config/optional-features.json to store the configuration for your project. We commit it to our repository and we are off to the races!