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Ember is made up of several libraries. If you wish to add a feature or fix a bug please file a pull request against the appropriate repository. Be sure to check the libraries listed below before making changes in the Ember repository.

Main Repositories

Ember.js - The main repository for Ember.

Ember CLI - The command line utility for Ember.

EmberData - A data persistence library for Ember.

Ember Website - Source for http://emberjs.com

Ember Deprecations - Source for https://deprecations.emberjs.com

Ember Guides - Source for http://guides.emberjs.com which you are currently reading.

Help Wanted Issues


Libraries Used By Ember

These libraries are part of the Ember asset output, but development of them takes place in a separate repository.



Glimmer 2


Route Recognizer



Many different ways to contribute

There are many different ways to contribute to Ember in which you'll be able to learn more about the project along the way: For example, you can write and share an Ember addon with the community or collaborate with the authors of your favorite addon to make it even better. You can share any of your experiences with Ember by blogging, screencasting or speaking about them at your local Ember meetup group or organizing local Ember events on your own. Helping to make Ember even better understood is in itself a great way to contribute to the community.