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Creating an Application

The first step to creating an Ember.js application is to make an instance of Ember.Application and assign it to a global variable.

window.App = Ember.Application.create();

Most people call their application App, but you can call it whatever makes the most sense to you. Just make sure it starts with a capital letter.

What does creating an Ember.Application instance get you?

  1. It is your application's namespace. All of the classes in your application will be defined as properties on this object (e.g., App.PostsView and App.PostsController). This helps to prevent polluting the global scope.
  2. It adds event listeners to the document and is responsible for delegating events to your views. (See The View Layer for a detailed description.)
  3. It automatically renders the application template.
  4. It automatically creates a router and begins routing, choosing which template and model to display based on the current URL.