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Suggesting A Recipe


You'd like to submit a recipe to the Ember Cookbook.


Fork the repository and create a feature branch named after your recipe. New recipes should have four sections: a title, a problem statement, a solution statement, and an empty discussion section.


A feature branch is a branch in a local git repository. Its name should be the camel-cased or underscored name of your recipe. For example, the branch name for this recipe – "Suggesting a Recipe" – would be SuggestingARecipe or suggesting_a_recipe.

The title, problem, and solution of your recipe should match the Cookbook's style (see Understanding the Cookbook Format). While your recipe should include a discussion section, you should leave it blank. These sections will be created in a later phase of the Cookbook project.

The filename of your suggested recipe should be the lowercase, underscored version of your recipe's name. The filename name for this recipe &nash; "Suggesting a Recipe" – would be suggesting_a_recipe.mdown.

When you are ready to submit your recipe, push your local branch to the remote branch on your GitHub fork and submit a pull request. Before submitting a pull request, make sure someone hasn't already submitted a similar recipe and that your recipe is a good fit for the Cookbook (see Deciding If A Recipe Is A Good Fit).