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Modeling Data

Next we will create a model class to describe todo items.

Create a file at js/models/todo.js and put the following code inside:

Todos.Todo = DS.Model.extend({
  title: DS.attr('string'),
  isCompleted: DS.attr('boolean')

This code creates a new class Todo and places it within your application's namespace. Each todo will have two attributes: title and isCompleted.

You may place this file anywhere you like (even just putting all code into the same file), but this guide will assume you have created a file and named it as indicated.

Finally, update your index.html to include a reference to this new file:

<!-- ... additional lines truncated for brevity ... -->
  <script src="js/models/todo.js"></script>
<!-- ... additional lines truncated for brevity ... -->

Reload your web browser to ensure that all files have been referenced correctly and no errors occur.

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