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Transitioning to Show Only Incomplete Todos

Next we'll update the application so a user can navigate to a url where only todos that are not complete are displayed.

In index.html convert the <a> tag for 'Active' todos into a Handlebars {{link-to}} helper and remove the active class from the <a> tag for 'All':

{{! ... additional lines truncated for brevity ... }}
  <a href="all">All</a>
  {{#link-to "todos.active" activeClass="selected"}}Active{{/link-to}}
  <a href="completed">Completed</a>
{{! ... additional lines truncated for brevity ... }}

In js/router.js update the router to recognize this new path and implement a matching route:

Todos.Router.map(function() {
  this.resource('todos', { path: '/' }, function() {
    // additional child routes will go here later

// ... additional lines truncated for brevity ...
Todos.TodosActiveRoute = Ember.Route.extend({
  model: function(){
    return this.store.filter('todo', function(todo) {
      return !todo.get('isCompleted');
  renderTemplate: function(controller) {
    this.render('todos/index', {controller: controller});

The model data for this route is the collection of todos whose isCompleted property is false. When a todo's isCompleted property changes this collection will automatically update to add or remove the todo appropriately.

Normally transitioning into a new route changes the template rendered into the parent {{outlet}}, but in this case we'd like to reuse the existing todos/index template. We can accomplish this by implementing the renderTemplate method and calling render ourselves with the specific template and controller options.

Reload your web browser to ensure that there are no errors and the behavior described above occurs.

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