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Using Fixtures

Now we'll add fixture data. Fixtures are a way to put sample data into an application before connecting the application to long-term persistence.

First, update js/application.js to indicate that your application's ApplicationAdapter is an extension of the DS.FixtureAdapter. Adapters are responsible for communicating with a source of data for your application. Typically this will be a web service API, but in this case we are using an adapter designed to load fixture data:

window.Todos = Ember.Application.create();

Todos.ApplicationAdapter = DS.FixtureAdapter.extend();

Next, update the file at js/models/todo.js to include the following fixture data:

// ... additional lines truncated for brevity ...
Todos.Todo.FIXTURES = [
   id: 1,
   title: 'Learn Ember.js',
   isCompleted: true
   id: 2,
   title: '...',
   isCompleted: false
   id: 3,
   title: 'Profit!',
   isCompleted: false

Reload your web browser to ensure that all files have been referenced correctly and no errors occur.

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