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Reopening Classes and Instances

You don't need to define a class all at once. You can reopen a class and define new properties using the reopen method.

  isPerson: true

Person.create().get('isPerson') // true

When using reopen, you can also override existing methods and call this._super.

  // override `say` to add an ! at the end
  say: function(thing) {
    this._super(thing + "!");

reopen is used to add instance methods and properties that are shared across all instances of a class. It does not add methods and properties to a particular instance of a class as in vanilla JavaScript (without using prototype).

But when you need to create class methods or add properties to the class itself you can use reopenClass.

  createMan: function() {
    return Person.create({isMan: true})

Person.createMan().get('isMan') // true