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Your First Ember App

Now that you have Ember CLI installed, you can create your first Ember app by running:

ember new my-new-app

This will create a new my-new-app directory with your new Ember app inside.

Once the process finishes, launch the Ember development server:

cd my-new-app
ember server

Navigate to http://localhost:4200 to see your app in action.

The Ember CLI development server provides features like rebuilding your app every time a file changes, and a mock server for setting up fake data when testing your app.

In a production environment, you'll want to build an optimized version of your website assets that can be copied to a server. To build your app for production, run:

ember build --environment=production

When this finishes the dist/ directory will contain a version of your application suitable for production use. Copy the contents of this folder to your production server. Alternatively you can, explore the ember-cli-deploy addon for more advanced functionality.