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Congratulations, you finished the second part of the tutorial!

There was a lot of concepts to cover in part two. To recap, here is what you learned:

Chapter 9

  • Routes with dynamic segments
  • Links with dynamic segments
  • Component tests with access to the router
  • Accessing parameters from dynamic segments
  • Sharing common setup code between tests

Chapter 10

  • Splattributes and the class attribute
  • The router service
  • Ember services vs. global variables
  • Mocking services in tests

Chapter 11

  • Ember Data models
  • Testing models
  • Loading models in routes
  • The Ember Data store
  • Working with adapters and serializers

Chapter 12

  • Using Ember's built-in <Input> component
  • The provider component pattern
  • Using block parameters when invoking components
  • Yielding data to caller components

Awesome! The concepts you learned about in part 2 of the tutorial are ones that you'll find in many production-level Ember apps. You've now taken your knowledge to the next level—and you've also finished the entire tutorial, hooray!

If you're curious to learn more, you can check out the rest of the guides and learn more about the concepts we've covered in even more depth! If you want to practice some of the ideas we've covered, you can also try building your own Ember app.

Happy coding!