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Ember Extensions

During development, add Ember.js specific extensions to your code editor to expand functionality. Below is a list of some of the extensions available, many of which are created and maintained by the developer community:

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is a code editor optimized for building and debugging modern web applications. Visual Studio Code is one of the most popular text editors among Ember developers.

Ember Language Server - Provides autocomplete in templates and allows go-to-definition behavior within Ember projects.

Unstable Ember Language Server - A popular fork of Ember Language Server with different features. Don't let the 'unstable' name confuse you - it's safe to use!

Ember JS (ES6) and Handlebars code snippets - Enables Ember.js and Handlebars snippets to let you to type less and code more.

EditorConfig for Visual Studio Code - Attempts to override user/workspace settings with settings found in .editorconfig files. The .editorconfig file helps developers define and maintain consistent coding styles between different editors and IDEs.

Glimmer Templates Syntax - Syntax formatting for glimmer templates.

Prettier for Handlebars - Format your handlebars files with Prettier ...that's it! Note, because this uses the currently unreleased Prettier, it may break with future changes to Prettier.

Vim and Neovim

Vim is a highly configurable text editor built to make creating and changing any kind of text very efficient. It is included as "vi" with most UNIX systems and with Apple OS X. Alternatively, Neovim is a hyper-extensible Vim-based text editor. Both editors share a range of cross-compatible extensions listed below.

You'll want to remove any linter / completion manager you currently have installed (or disable them for .js, .ts or .hbs files), and follow the install guides for the following packages:

ember.vim - Shortcuts to navigate related files with Ember.js projects.

vim-ember-hbs - Add Ember template syntax highlighting and indentation to Vim.

Ember Tools - Various tools for working with Ember.js projects.

Conquer for Completion (COC) for Neovim - An Intellisense engine which takes control over all linting, hinting, and language-server integration.

coc-ember - Ember.js language server extension including useful configuration instructions. Optional addons for Ember language server:


Atom is hackable text editor for the 21st Century.

atom-ide-ember - Atom package to use the Ember Language Server.

emberjs-atom - Atom autocomplete and snippets for Ember.js.

atom-ember-snippets - Ember.js ES6, Ember Data & Handlebars snippets for Atom editor.

Sublime Text

A sophisticated text editor for code, markup and prose.

ember-cli-sublime-snippets - Ember CLI snippets for Sublime Text 3.

ember-component-template-split-view - Super simple Sublime Text plugin that will let you open corresponding template or route files with Ember.js components.