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Deciding If A Recipe is a Good Fit


You have an idea for a recipe, but aren't sure it is a good fit for the Cookbook.


Read existing cookbook solutions and compare them to yours. You may also want to borrow or buy a cookbook-style book for another technology to better understand the format.

Cookbook recipes are usually quick answers to focused questions. Your recipe should be narrowly tailored to solve a single problem.


The Cookbook format best serves beginners who have a basic knowledge of Ember.js and have ideally completed a small application of their own. Recipes in the Cookbook should teach intermediate and advanced topics, or present skills an Ember.js developer should know. Popular topics on StackOverflow are great examples of what a Cookbook recipe should cover.

A good recipe solves a single problem. Topics like "Syncing data with one-way bindings" or "Integrating Ember with moment.js" make great recipes. Broader topics like "Building an Ember application with Node.js" or "Creating a GridView with sortable fields and search" are not. If your topic is too big, consider breaking it into multiple recipes (e.g. "Organizing an Ember application," "Responding to user events," "Connecting to remote data").